Adiemus II - Cantata Mundi: CD


Release date: 23 February, 2024

"Cantata Mundi" is a development of ideas first heard in Karl Jenkins' "Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary", where the world of ethnic influences (both in vocal sound and percussion) are combined with established Western European classical technique to present a unified work. Reissued by Decca in 2019 to celebrate Karl Jenkins' 75th birthday. Adiemus Singers & LPO conducted by the composer.

1. Cantus - Song Of Tears
2. Chorale I (Za Ma Ba)
3. Cantus - Song Of The Spirit
4. Chorale II (Roosh Ka Ma)
5. Cantus - Song Of The Trinity
6. Chorale III (Vocalise)
7. Cantus - Song Of The Odyssey
8.Chorale IV (Alame Oo Ya)
9. Cantus - Song Of The Plains
10. Chorale IV (Arama IVI)
11. Cantus - Song Of Invocation
12. Chorale VI (Sol Fa)/Cantus - Song Of Aeolus
13. Chorale VII (A Ma Ka Ma)
14. Elegia

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