The Very Best Of Karl Jenkins: CD


Release date: 23 February, 2024

This is a 2CD compilation, presenting a selection of the most popular pieces by the nation's best-loved living composer, Karl Jenkins. It includes music from best-selling recordings Adiemus, The Armed Man, Requiem, Gloria, Stabat Mater, Palladio, Stella Natalis and Quirk.

1. II. Dies Irae
2. XII. Benedictus
3. 1. Allegretto
4. IX. Pie Jesu
5. I. The Proclamation: Gloria in excelsis Deo
6. X. Agnus Dei
7. III. Dance
8. IV. Only Heavenly Music (In Memoriam Christine Brown)
9. V. Sanctus
10. IX. The Protector
11. XIII. In Paradisum
12. II. Lullay
13. VII. Lacrimosa
14. VII. And The Mother Did Weep
15. IV. In These Stones Horizons Sing
16. III. Chasing The Goose

1.  Adiemus
2. In Caelum Fero
3. Kayama
4. Hymn
5. Cantus - Song Of The Spirit
6. Cantus - Song Of The Plains
7. Dos A Dos
8. The Wooing Of Étaín
9. Boogie Woogie Llanoogie
10. Beyond The Century
11. I. Introit
12. I. Agorawd [Overture] Part I: Cân yr Alltud [The Exile Song]
13. V. Sancta Mater
14. X. Ave Verum Corpus
15. XII. Benedictus
16. II. The Prayer: Laudamus Te
17. IV. The Song: I'll make music

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